Volunteerism and Community Projects

In striking a balance between keeping our taxes as low as possible while still providing exceptional town services, we sometimes look to individual and group volunteers as well as our business and civic communities to assist in community development projects. Below is a partial list of projects that we encourage anyone to adopt in order to make our town a more livable community.

If you, your business, civic organization, church or school group would like to adopt all or any portion of a project, please contact Jeff Martin, Projects Administrator, at jeff.martin@townofwhitebluff.com or by calling Town Hall at 615.797.3131.


  • Volunteer at Jennie Woodworth Library (Library is currently staffed full-time by volunteers! New volunteers are always welcome. THANK YOU!!!)
  • Become a Volunteer fireman
  • Volunteer to conduct adult literacy programs
  • Paving the parking lot at Veterans Memorial Park
  • Performance stage at Field of Dreams
  • Restrooms at Field of Dreams (COMPLETED! THANK YOU!!!)
  • Landscaping / Tree planting projects (Several large trees have been donated and planted at Veterans Memorial Park and Field of Dreams! More trees can always be used!!! THANK YOU!!!)
  • Community Center improvements (painting, flooring, new grill, etc.) (Many improvements have been made! THANK YOU!!!)
  • Drug prevention (DARE) material for school programs
  • Engineering services (intersection design, railroad crossings, etc.)
  • Sidewalk repair (COMPLETED! THANK YOU!!!)
  • Public art program
  • Donate books, DVD, CD’s, computers, etc. at Jennie Woodworth Library (Library currently has over 10,000 donated items. Items are always welcome subject to Library Board approval. THANK YOU!!!
  • Maintenance at Field of Dreams (sealer, paint, replace broken / missing items, etc.)
  • Grills at Field of Dreams and Veterans Park (2 park grills donated and installed at Field of Dreams! THANK YOU!!!)
  • Trail construction at Veteran’s Memorial Park.