Advertisement for Public Involvement

The Town of White Bluff is creating a Community Mobility Plan and we are asking for your help.

The Town of White Bluff is working with TDOT Long Range Planning and The Corradino Group to prepare a CommunityMobility Plan.

The goals of the plan are as follows:

– Create safe facilities for all modes of travel.

– Enhance tourism by providing a connected multimodal network to local parks and Montgomery Bell State Park.

– Improve the non‐vehicular network facilities and increase choices for making trips.

– Plan for growth & development by improving the transportation network for all modes.

– Consider facilities for all modes of travel when designing for future growth.

We have gathered existing information and want to present it to you to obtain your feedback. There are three waysyou can participate:

1. Attend a virtual meeting that will be held via Microsoft Teams on April 15th at 5 PM. If you plan to attend please email,

2. Complete a short online survey regarding your thoughts on the multimodal transportation network in the Town ofWhite Bluff. The survey can be found at this link,

3. From April 12th to April 23rd, maps and surveys will be available at the Bibb‐White Bluff Civic Center and at White Bluff Town Hall in the lobby. You can stop by to view the maps during regular business hours, share issues/concerns regarding the multimodal transportation network or make recommendations on the maps. Also, we will provide printed copies of the survey in both locations for those that prefer to provide handwritten input.

Your participation is encouraged and your constructive comments appreciated!