Memorial and Commemorative Tree Project

Give a gift that will last several lifetimes! Planting a tree in a White Bluff town park or other town-owned land is a wonderful way to honor a loved one or respected friend and also provides a gift to the whole community. Trees are planted on town-owned land so everyone can enjoy the shade, beauty, and enjoyment a living tree provides.

A memorial tree can be planted for many occasions: in memory of someone who has passed away; in honor of a dedicated service member; to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding, or retirement; to commemorate a valued employee; or other occasions. Planting a memorial tree is a remembrance of the past and at the same time a renewing of life. Planting a commemorative tree in a town park is a great way to solve gift-giving dilemmas and is a wonderful tribute to a loved one or friend.

The Parks and Recreation Department will plant the tree on town-owned grounds in the spring or fall, and the donor and honoree will receive recognition through a special webpage on the official town website. It’s a gift that can last through several lifetimes – a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Questions? See the frequently asked questions section below, contact Jeff Martin, Special Projects Manager, at or contact White Bluff Town Hall at 615.797.3131.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a memorial tree?

The cost of planting a memorial or commemorative tree is $100. The cost reflects the tree’s purchase, soil preparation, planting, and care.

Is my gift of a memorial tree tax-deductible?


How are trees selected?
Trees are selected based on their hardiness, longevity, and the needs of the site selected for planting.

When are the trees planted?
Planting will take place during the spring or fall planting seasons.

What happens if the tree dies?
If a tree does not survive, the tree will be replaced one time.

Can I request a specific site to have a tree planted?
Special requests for planting trees at specific sites will be considered. If the site selected is inappropriate, the program coordinator will propose an alternative location.

What is the typical planted size of the memorial trees?
The average planted size will be 1” – 2” caliper; height will vary by species.

Who receives the payment?
Checks should be made out to the Town of White Bluff with a notation stating Memorial / Commemorative Tree Program.

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